Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Regardless of personal beliefs, past life regression can work for everyone, so the important thing is to accept it and enjoy the benefits it brings. Even if you just wish to explore a past life, the experience can be very exciting and life changing. Past Life Regression sessions usually take about 2 1/2 Hours. We will discuss your objective for coming and I will also ensure that you will be completely at ease with the procedure; ie to ensure you fully understand what hypnosis is and what you can expect to happen. It is most important that all your questions are dealt with and you are comfortable with the process.

How can Past Life Regression help?

It is particularly helpful if clients are suffering from anger and rage issues, depressions, grief, anxieties, feelings of guilt and insecurity. It also deals effectively with Phobias, such as fear of drowning, suffocation, fire, claustrophobia, animals and knives. In addition, re-occurring and distressing dreams can be dealt with as often past lives fragments can come through to us in the form of dreams.

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit or unusual behaviour comes from? Have you ever thought you have been somewhere before?

Exploring and experiencing the dramas of past lives will unlock doors to your mind that open other worlds that were yours in a past life. It can help with grieve, rediscovering hidden talents, finding a greater meaning and purpose of life and assist in relationship issues. It can provide answers why you were drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in a certain time period in history.

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