Self Confidence

If you have some feelings of self-doubt, or in some way lack self-confidence, you are not alone. Those feelings are experienced by nearly every one of us to some degree at various times.

We find it much easier to put ourselves down about various aspects of our life than to accept ourselves the way we are.

Self-confidence has nothing to do with being better than someone else. It is feeling good and solid about you.

Sufferers of poor self-confidence lose the ability to identify any of their good points. They become very ‘half empty’ and self critical, feeling unworthy and incompetent. Socialising in large groups may create anxiety and stress; making and keeping friends can be challenging. They become less and less able to handle criticism in either their professional or private lives. They find that errors made in the past cannot be forgotten and this will prevent them from risk-taking in the future, whether it is socially, financially or professionally. They find it more and more difficult to meet new people; going for interviews may be problematic, and the outlook for the future becomes very bleak. They set themselves up as perfectionists with targets that are extremely hard to achieve and even if these targets are met they are still unsatisfied and want to do better. They feel constantly under pressure to achieve, having a fear of failure and continually assessing what other people think of them.

In most of these cases there is a situation with an unresolved issue from the past that still works in the subconscious mind undermining the confidence and ability to reach our full potential.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Whatever happened to you when you were young cannot be changed but what can be changed is how you react in the present day to situations that cause you to be fearful of your performance. A course of regression hypnotherapy will allow the subconscious to be accessed and reveal the root cause of your poor self-confidence.

For example, you may have been called “stupid” or told that you would ‘never achieve anything in your life’. Viewing these scenes again as an adult allows you to process them as an adult rather than a scared and confused five year old. This will then allow you to reprogram your beliefs and goals in a more productive useful way, thus increasing your self-confidence. Your subconscious mind will also listen to positive suggestions that will help you to gain self-respect and thus increase your confidence.